MD Vision

M.Naganawa YAMAMORI TRADING CO.,LTD Managing Director

Starting in 1889, Yamamori has started its business in Mie prefecture, Japan, where HQ locates still now. Since then, we have accumulated experiences as Soy Sauce maker. In 1967, we had produced and commercialized the signature label “Aji Tsuyu” (an all-purpose seasoning) and had succeeded in joining the processing seasoning industry. Ever since, we have established the positioning as a Food and Brewing company.

In 1995, our business in Thailand has started and founded Yamamori Trading to penetrate the Japanese traditional seasoning Soy Sauce among ASEAN market. Thanks to the big wave of Japanese corporates expansion in Thailand, the Japanese population in Thailand has expanded quite big, and Japanese food/restaurants have become familiar with Thai people along the way.

With our corporate mission of producing food by “Taking a time preciously on each product” and “Picturing a never ending dream and pursuit the satisfaction of customers,” we will never stop growing ourselves to make customers happy.